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Proudly Serving the community for over 50 years!

Who Measures for our Floor Covering, Shower, or Backsplashes?
We do! This is a big investment, and we would prefer to come out to your home and discuss the project from a technical and installation aspect. We will even help you decide on final product and color selection if you need some extra insight and help!

Do We Move Furniture/ Appliances?
Yes we do – with a little help from you too! We move the big stuff! We ask you to remove all the fragile/breakable decorations and linens, unplug and remove all electrical items; i.e.: computers, stereo equipment, lamps, and also remove any small furniture that you are able to lift. After that, we will take care of the rest; i.e.; sofas, oversized chairs, tables, buffets, beds, dressers, ect. For a few oversized items like pianos and pool tables, we will have a charge for those, but will consult you on that at the time of your free measurement!

as far as appliances go, you will be responsible for the disconnection of outlets; electrical, gas, and water supply lines, then we will move your appliances. when toilets or pedestal sinks are concerned when you are putting in ceramic tile, wood, or Vinyl flooring, you will need to hire a plumber of your choosing to remove and reinstall these items. We are not plumbers.

Do we remove old floor coverings?
Yes we do, but there will be an additional charge for this. Every home is different, so we need to access each home individually in relation to what you want to do now. We will provide separate estimates for you for removal and disposal.

Do we remove baseboard/shoe molding and reinstall it?
This is a question that is best answered at the time of you measurement. Depending on what type of floor covering you are getting, will determine this answer. If your job does require shoe molding we can give you a quote for material, staining, and installing it or you may tackle this project on your own! If your shoe molding needs painted, we require you to paint it.

What is “Floor Prep?”
Floor Preparation is unique to every home and it depends on what type of floor covering you are purchasing.

There is very little floor preparation that needs done for this! Actually if your floor has too many imperfections, this is the ideal product.

Vinyl or LVT;
To install this product, there can be no imperfections! You need a flat, smooth surface. Depending on what your current floor covering is, we will either need to take up your old flooring and install a new luan/plywood underlayment or we can use a liquid embossing leveler. This will be determined upon your measurement of your home for your estimate.

For this type of flooring, you need to have a very level floor! It can be installed over almost anything (except carpet), but the floor needs to be level. Why, you ask? This is a floating floor! It needs to expand and contract at all times, and you cannot have a large hump or depression that could interfere with what this floor is designed to do.

Porcelain/Ceramic Tile or Harwood;
If you are putting either of this type of flooring down, it is pretty much permanent – or will be down until you get tired of it. In this case, we try to eliminate too many height differences at doorways, so you won’t have a “toe stubber.” This will depend on the type and thickness of hardwood you select or tile and will be discussed with you upon your measurement of your home.

How should I properly maintain my new floor and investment!

Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum! This is the best thing you can do for your carpet! The carpet mills would actually like you to vacuum once a day (especially in high traffic areas!). Easy tip! If you have a family of 4….over age 10…everyone take a turn! It doesn’t mean vacuum the whole house everyday…but hit those “paths” you and your furry ones are traveling the most. Also, have your carpets cleaned every year to year and half. The carpet mills want you to have this professionally done….they frown on do it yourself machines.

Vinyl or LVT;
Easy! Don’t buy anything off the grocery store shelves! They either have too much soap or are oil based and will leave an icky residue and build up on your floor! If you want to buy anything at the store, buy a good old fashioned mop, 2 buckets (one for dirty water…one for CLEAN water, so you just don’t spread around the dirt!) and some non-scudding ammonia and mix it with water! That is it! Or come to our store and buy the proper cleaner form the manufactures.

Laminate and Hardwood;
Water is a no no!!! Wood and water….they just don’t mix! You want to get the grit and grime up with a dust mop or vacuum first, and then you want to purchase a micro fiber mop and our cleaner. Saturate the pad with the cleaner and then mist the floor and wipe it down and your done! And those steam cleaners you see on TV….A BIG NO NO!!!! Absolutely not!

Porcelain/Ceramic Tile;
It is not as hard as it seems to clean. First off, the hardest part to keep clean is the grout. So, go as dark as you can stand on your grout color! Then, we recommend that you seal the grout about 72 hours after the installation. This is a maintenance issue and not part of the install. We have wonderful products at our store for sealing the grout. The most important thing after sealing the grout is what you clean the floor with! You don’t want to strip that grout of all the sealer you just put on, so we have a coordinating cleaner that is PH Balanced, just for that reason! Again, anything off the grocery store shelves are too soapy or oily and leave a build up…that is why your floors don’t look clean. That build up becomes a dirt magnet!


What started as a business in the basement of a resident’s home in Marshallville, Howmar Carpet Inc. is now entering its 51st year in the floor covering business. Howmar Carpet has evolved. Carpet sales remain strong, but the demand for hard surface flooring has grown as well. Porcelain and ceramic tile, hardwood, vinyl and laminate flooring now comprise a large portion of our business. From its very modest beginning back in 1963, to today’s ever-changing dynamics, Howmar Carpet in Marshallville has been a consistent force in providing quality floor coverings and service to residential and commercial customers throughout the area.